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We are a  small, friendly club, with aspirations to grow, playing Golf and Association Croquet on the Arthur Radford Sports Ground at Morton-Cum-Fiskerton. New members are always very welcome.

Croquet is a very sociable absorbing and a great sport to play. Why not join us! Croquet relies on strategy not strength and so  it can be played on equal terms by people regardless of gender or age of physical strength.


Southwell Croquet Club is a well established club with three lawns meeting regularly on Tuesdays and Saturdays  during the summer months. We offer taster sessions and our qualified coach will be running introductory courses for newcomers and for those wanting to further explore the intricacies of this great game.

There are no special requirements other than flat-soled footwear. All equipment can be supplied.

We also offer croquet sessions for community groups lead by experienced players.

There is usually a social programme  to keep us in touch and entertained during the winter months.

Why not give us a try?

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